About Me

I have been teaching Russian as a second language for almost 20 years in UAE , the UK and online. A lot of students have been taught to speak Russian which gave them the opportunity either to make successful career change or improve their business by being able to communicate well with their Russian speaking clients. Some students also learnt Russian to make their trips to Russian speaking countries much easier and more comfortable.

So your ability to speak the Russian language can help you to be where you want and achieve your goal. Even to understand Russian culture and mentality better as it's one of the most thrilling subjects.

I can offer various tailor made Russian courses ranging from short ones which can help you do business communication with your clients who can't speak English to a very extensive Russian course which includes a lot of detailed written work and practice.

While working with my students I always provide the best help I can and consider their potential and requirements. Individual classes have the best effect most of the time as they can really focus on the particular student's needs and follow up their speed in grasping the language. That always differs from student to student . Obviously, learning a new language is a complex process which requires a lot of patience and dedication. As a professional teacher I can assure my students that I'll be able to support them in their learning and encourage them to do their best and get excellent results.