Review 01 - Ms. Alla

I started studying Russian in December 2016. It was goal of mine to learn it in order to add one more accomplishment of mine for my university application. To my surprise, within less than two hours of my first lesson, I was able to read in Cyrillic. Within 4 classes I was able to confidently write in Cyrillic. With the help of Ms.Lidia as my guide I stunned my Russian friends with my ability to pronounce words correctly and understand conversations among my peers. Ms.Lidia's teaching techniques involving allowing me to understand how the Russian language has evolved due to historical reasons therefore making sense of exceptions in the Russian language.

Ms.Lidia's classes are never a burden, she makes learning Russian fun and inquiring.

Most of all, you learn more about yourself during the process and you will become pleased to know you can achieve so much in so little time.

Review 02 - Ms. Lydia

I came to Lidia directly after school, my knowledge of English was very week. I could't write and speak without mistakes. With her help I learned faster and easier. My grammar became better and I joined LSE. Now I work as an assistant of SFO. I always share my success as she was the one who helped me to become what I am now.